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The Private Lesson


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Stories Of My Creation: “Stories Of My Creation” is a 682 page collection of all my fictional works which includes my novels, short stories and stories. Table Of Contents: 1. My Son-In-Law 2. Rompryska, My Youth 3. The Final Journey 4. The Winner 5. The Mistake 6. Tales Of Angela Gheorhgiu(a collection of 23 short stories) 7. Paying Rasputin’s Cure8. The Hope Of Prison 9. The Unwanted Christmas Gift 10. Summer Romance 11. Anna Roman, Woman From Spain 12. A Star In The East (The Decline Of Italian Culture) 13. The Beauty Of Parsifal 14. Angela Gheorghiu’s Lover 15. New York’s Opera Society 16. Pushkin’s Grand Russian Opera 17. A Mother For Christmas 18. A Japanese Christmas In New York 19. A Christmas Internet Romance 20. Stalin’s Night At The Opera 21. The Murder Of Rasputin 22. The Real Myth Of Saint Valentine


The Private Lesson (1975)


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Jojo Siwa Dance Moms My fav person ever💕💜 @guygroove thanks for the private lesson


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My fav person ever💕💜 @guygroove thanks for the private lesson




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The private lesson


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DRUM LESSONS - How to play the beat from my E.T. video - Privates with Brad #9 (русские субтитры)


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